This coffee shop is located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, in a corner along the national highway, near Nishitetsu Kurume Station.

I learned about coffee in Kyoto, traveled around the world through coffee, and lived a life where delicious coffee was always right next to me.

After a while, when I started spending time away from the world of coffee, I started thinking about creating a place where I could drink coffee anytime.

We named the store ``holm'' with the hope that it would be a place for people to stop for a moment and take a breather amidst the flow of society that changes drastically every day, just like a ship sailing through the world, calling at ports on islands all over the world. I did.

"Holm" is an old word meaning "small island".

Please stop by with a book in hand, with a friend, while driving or working, if you'd like.

Although it may be a small amount, I would be happy if I could help you enrich your everyday life through coffee.

We roast coffee beans here every day so that you can enjoy affordable, high-quality coffee beans at any time.