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Drip Bag - El Salvador Santa Rita

Drip Bag - El Salvador Santa Rita

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This is a holm drip bag.

I set 10g of coffee beans in each filter.

Just open the seal, set it in a cup, and pour hot water.
Enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere.

Please see below for information on the coffee beans included.

Coffee beans: El Salvador Santa Rita - El Salvador Santa Rita Farm

Country of origin: El Salvador

Region: Juayúa, Sonsonate

Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria

Variety: Bourbon

Purification method: Natural

Roast degree: medium roast

Contents: 10g / bag (powder: medium ground)

This coffee has a characteristic fruity aroma reminiscent of red wine and raisins, with a lingering honey-like aroma, and a mellow texture.

As it cools, the fruity flavor and acidity become more noticeable.

How to brew:

Pour 180ml of hot water in several batches and remove the drip bag before 3 minutes have passed.

Please increase or decrease the amount of hot water according to your desired consistency.

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